Character illustration series, Each one was made following a single sentence prompt. A chance for me to try out a consistent workflow and some wacky combinations.
The owner of a struggling pub befriends a shifty bear to pretend to attack his bar to gain more attention and customers.
She’s the youngest and most efficient officer in the precinct, but who’s she partnered with? The oldest and least motivated cop on the force.
Being on the receiving end of the class ridicule is tough, but when you get a giant Venus flytrap for your birthday, people might start taking you seriously.
He used to demolish buildings, then the workforce got replaced by robots made by a company downtown, still got a family to feed and no options left? Might be time to demolish one more building.
He just wanted to not screw up his job interview, he wasn’t counting on this day turning into a nightmare, or his ex-girlfriend tagging along to keep him in one piece.
All he’s ever wanted is to impress his boss, but it’s hard when he’s always super busy concocting something and when you’re a robot that can’t talk.
It’s 2060, gaming has been their life, now they’re taking it to the big leagues with their eyes on retirement.
An isolated Antarctic outpost, her mission, keep the facility holding the world’s essential botanical life stable, his mission, try ask her out.
Avoiding attention at the intergalactic department of sales was easy, but his time of peaceful seclusion might be over now that he’s lumped with the new guy.
This night has gone from bad to worse, missed three deliveries and then the box showed up.
Hailed as a genius, her jet pack has done more than send her to great heights, it’s earned her international recognition, what people don’t know, she stole the plans for it.
All was peaceful and serene until it arrived and caused chaos to his adventure, but he’s determined to rid the ocean of this creature, and its weird cord that leads to the surface.

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